Our Story


Near the end of the pandemic in 2021, we knew that an adventure awaited us on the other side.  Our family started dreaming of a life that was focused on giving back to our community and becoming a fabric of the city we love.  We would often frequent the Arts District, to get coffee at Vesta, brunch at Makers and Finders, dinner at Ester's Kitchen and find treasures at all the vintage shops.  We had a dream of becoming a Las Vegas boutique that was about contemporary casual, new clothes for men and women.


For the love, LV is a Las Vegas boutique that is all about upgrading wardrobes and bringing love to everyone who walks through our doors.

Our family focuses on finding gratitude daily... even in the hard times.

We are authentic and honest, plus we have a sense of humor!

We are inclusive, welcoming and make time for people.

We will greet you with a smile and hope to develop lasting relationships.

Our goal is to provide a space where people know that they are valued and have worth.


We are Nate and Emily Johnson and are honored to owners of a Las Vegas boutique in the heart of the Arts District!  Our family of 6 has been part of Las Vegas for over 15 years and we can’t wait to get to know each one of you. 

Pete and Beth, formerly known as Dust Drunk Love Vintage. In early 2024, we forged a dynamic partnership with For the Love, driven by our shared passion for vintage treasures, artistic expression, and meticulous curation. Drawn by our love for all things vintage and the electric energy of Las Vegas, we made the exhilarating decision to relocate to this vibrant city.


For the Love, LV is not just a boutique—it's a celebration of style, artistry, and individuality nestled in the vibrant Arts District of Las Vegas. Our curated collection features a fusion of new, vintage, and gently loved clothing, along with stunning jewelry, captivating local art, and unique home decor pieces. Step into our world and let your fashion journey unfold amidst a backdrop of creativity, expression, and a whole lot of love.


If you have any questions on any product, you can email us at: info@forthelovelv.com or DM our instagram @forthelove.lv.  We deliver all over the US or you can request for a local pick-up in our store on Main Street Las Vegas.