What is looks like to be a Las Vegas Boutique in the Arts District!

For the love, LV is a Las Vegas boutique within the heart of the arts district. One of the perks of being downtown is how many amazing arts the store gets to encounter. Below is one of our art exhibitor and a little piece of her story. 

Megan Dally is a local Las Vegas creative.
She has been a part of the community since she moved here from Los Angeles 7 years ago.
She mostly works with acrylic paints, from the studio in her home.
Her work is mostly driven by the need to pull away from her busy life and reflect, through colors and, these days, fruit.

This collection of paintings started about three years ago, but really took off in 2020.
Painting the fruit became a meditative reminder of the fruit that is inside all of the people. All of them.
The fruit represents goodness.
If I’m honest,
I need the reminder to see fruit in people I disagree with, or people who have hurt me.
I need the reminder to see fruit in my children.
I need the reminder to see fruit in communities that are treated un-equally, who don’t share my privilege.
I need the reminder to see fruit in my own body.
I need the reminder to see fruit in my marriage.
I need the reminder to be thoughtful and gentle .
When I look for the fruit, my mind can relax, and retreat from its fight, flight or freeze response.
I don’t have to be offended, or hold a grudge.
I can show up more present for my kids.
I can be a better ally for people.
I don’t have to feel shame for being heavy.
I can be a better partner to my guy.

I don’t think I will stop painting the fruit, it’s been one of the best practices in my adult life.
Some of the pieces are not for sale because they hold such deep meaning and reminder for me.
I hope that if you welcome one into your home, it will be a reminder of your own inherent goodness, and the goodness and fruit we can all find in each other. Thank you!