Michael Moats Artist

Nov 2, 2022

Artist bio

With a love for Vintage Furniture and Interior Design, my paintings often begin with an idea or inspiration from my surroundings - my home, my garden or perhaps a landscape in the distance while driving - and once the design becomes finalized THAT is when I begin to play with color and texture. 

Exploring the lines between Modern & Vintage, Minimalism & Maximalism, Illustration & Fine Art - while maintaining a strong focus on composition and texture - that is the space I inhabit. 

Like a Fashion Designer who designs a piece for a specific model/muse, I find myself making the final design and color decisions with a specific room in mind, a specific vibe... exploring how my art can enhance a rooms overall design while also being elevated by the design of the room itself.

Come see Michael's Art in this Las Vegas Boutique through January 1.