Downtown Las Vegas Guide (DTLV) 2023

Downtown Las Vegas Guide

Downtown Las Vegas is a vibrant destination filled with cultural landmarks, innovative spaces, and artistic expressions. The combination of Fremont Street, Fergusons Downtown, and the Arts District is a must-experience destination that captures the essence of downtown life. Bookmark this blog when you’re looking for fun things to do in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. 



The Fremont Street Experience is the heart of downtown Las Vegas, known for its lively atmosphere. Fremont Street offers a mix of entertainment, dining, and attractions that will bring a new yet exciting experience. 


SlotZilla Zip Line

For an adrenaline rush, take a ride on the SlotZilla Zip Line and soar over the bustling crowds below. It's a unique way to experience the energy of Fremont Street from above.

Viva Vision Shows

The Viva Vision Light Show captivates visitors with its large visuals, stretching over 1,500 feet, the LED canvas showcases a symphony of vibrant colors, dynamic patterns, and breathtaking imagery. As the sun sets, the Viva Vision Light Show comes alive, immersing visitors in a multisensory journey. Accompanied by an eclectic range of music, from classic rock hits to contemporary tracks, the show's synchronized visual choreography dances across the canopy, creating an unparalleled fusion of art and technology that leaves an indelible mark on every viewer.

Container Park

Container Park is a place of creativity and community, located just steps away from the bustling energy of Fremont Street. Constructed entirely from repurposed shipping containers, this open shopping and entertainment center offers a range of boutique shops, artisanal eateries, and interactive installations. It also offers live events, concerts, and family-friendly activities such as a playground that bring the community together in a truly innovative way. 

Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget offers an upscale gaming experience, fine dining, and entertainment. Its renowned shark tank pool complex, where you can slide through a transparent tube surrounded by marine life, adds a unique touch of adventure to its opulent atmosphere.

Adult Activities:


Commonwealth, an upscale cocktail bar and rooftop lounge invites guests to step into a world of elegance, featuring classic and inventive cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists. The venue is a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, complete with an enchanting rooftop garden. With live music and themed events, Commonwealth sets the stage for unforgettable nights of socializing and indulgence of a vibrant atmosphere.

The Griffin

Stepping into The Griffin is like stepping back in time. This vintage-inspired bar radiates an inviting and cozy ambiance, with its antique décor and welcoming staff. The Griffin is renowned for its selection of craft beers, fine spirits, and signature cocktails that pay homage to traditional libations. Live music and a jukebox featuring an array of nostalgic tunes further bring the retro atmosphere. As you sit back, sip your drink, and relax, you're transported to a place back in time.

Park on Fremont

Park on Fremont captures the essence of artistic spontaneity within an inviting setting. This unique eatery offers an outdoor patio, creating an atmosphere that's cozy. The menu is a fusion of comfort foods, creative cocktails, and imaginative dishes that please the palate and delight the eyes. Park on Fremont invites patrons to not just dine, but to immerse themselves in a delightful world of flavors and creativity that resonates with the soul.


Carson Kitchen

Carson Kitchen redefines dining with its innovative approach to comfort food. Helmed by renowned Chef Kerry Simon, this restaurant takes classic dishes and adds a unique twist, resulting in a menu that surprises and delights. From bacon jam to crispy chicken skins, each plate is a masterpiece that showcases the chef's creative culinary vision. The industrial-chic atmosphere and rooftop patio provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying these crafted dishes amongst the energy of downtown Las Vegas.

Evel Pie

This lively pizzeria combines a retro aesthetic with a rock 'n' roll vibe, making it a popular destination for both locals and visitors. The menu features an array of pizza styles, from classic to innovative, alongside a selection of appetizers and salads. The fusion of adventurous spirit and flavorful slices makes Evel Pie a unique and exciting spot to refuel after exploring the excitement of downtown Las Vegas.

Ameribrunch Cafe

Ameribrunch Cafe offers a delectable twist on classic brunch favorites, making it a go-to spot for breakfast and brunch enjoyers. This charming cafe serves up mouthwatering dishes that balance traditional flavors with creative flair. From decadent stuffed French toast to savory breakfast bowls, every bite is a delightful fusion of comfort and innovation. The cozy and welcoming atmosphere sets the stage for a relaxed dining experience that embodies the joy of a leisurely brunch with friends and family.

Bangkok Street Thai Street Kitchen

Bangkok Street Thai Street Kitchen brings the vibrant flavors of Thailand to the heart of Las Vegas. This casual eatery captures the essence of Thai street food with its menu of authentic dishes bursting with bold spices and fresh ingredients. From pad Thai to green curry, each dish is a journey to the streets of Bangkok. The inviting atmosphere and friendly service create a welcoming environment where diners can savor the authentic tastes of Thailand and experience the rich culinary flavors of this Southeast Asian gem.

Fergusons Downtown


(Photo: Ferguson Downtown via Instagram)

Nestled just a short distance from Fremont Street, Fergusons Downtown is an innovative urban space that fosters creativity, community, and collaboration. You can discover shops, art in every wall, and amazing dining options. 



Fergusons hosts a variety of local vendors, artisanal shops, and pop-up markets. Here, you can discover a variety of handcrafted goods, unique products, and artisanal creations that reflect the diverse talents of the community.

Art Installations

Fergusons Downtown is adorned with captivating art installations and murals that celebrate self-expression and creativity. These visual delights add to the ambiance of the area, making every corner a canvas of inspiration.


Ferguson Downtown offers various workshops from art and wellness to sustainability and craftsmanship, catering to various interests. Participants can engage in hands-on experiences led by local artisans and experts, immersing themselves in immersive learning environments. These workshops not only cultivate new skills but also foster a sense of unity, encouraging collaboration and the exchange of ideas within a supportive and vibrant community.


Tofu Tees

Tofu Tees is a boutique filled with creativity. From eye-catching designs to thought-provoking statements, each tee is a canvas of self-expression and art. Whether you're searching for a bold conversation starter or a piece that is unique, Tofu Tees is the destination to embrace your individuality.

Shop Mama Sage

Shop Mama Sage carries trendy fashionable pieces ranging from accessories, phone accessories, totes, t-shirts, to socks and many other cool items. With an array of cool and captivating items, Shop Mama Sage offers an immersive shopping experience that promises to elevate your style.

Lucid Juliet

Lucid Juliet specializes in floral art for events, brand set design, installations, weddings, and deliveries. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for design, Lucid Juliet offers a personalized experience that turns your visions into reality. 

LV Plant Collective

LV Plant Collective carries any plant your heart desires and the perfect pot for them to fit inside. If you’re looking for planting related items to nurture your plants or expand your collection with unique botanicals this is the perfect spot to visit. 

All for Our Country

All for Our Country is a home goods store that carries about just everything you need. With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and a diverse range of items, the store invites you to explore its carefully chosen offerings and turn your living space and style into something unique.


Mothership Coffee

Mothership Coffee is a haven for coffee lovers. With a dedication to quality and a passion for the art of brewing,  Mothership’s inviting atmosphere invites you to savor your coffee, whether it's a classic latte or a creatively concocted specialty drink. Beyond the beverages, Mothership Coffee embodies a sense of community, making it a perfect spot to connect, recharge, and appreciate the nuances of a well-brewed coffee.


Peyote transcends the ordinary dining experience, offering an urban oasis where flavors, design, and ambiance converge. This restaurant's menu is a symphony of carefully curated authentic traditional Mexican dishes with amazing flavor and presentation. From thoughtfully crafted entrees to exquisite desserts, every bite showcases the culinary prowess of the chefs. The restaurant's inviting atmosphere and stylish décor create an ambiance that's both chic and welcoming, making Peyote an exceptional destination for a culinary journey that celebrates the spirit of Las Vegas.


Mezcla is a relaxed atmosphere bringing a culinary experience of Latin American and Pacific Islander cuisine. Taking guests into an immersive experience with their ceviche, mezcals and tequilas, craft cocktails, and more. The restaurant's inviting ambiance and commitment to quality bring people together through their food. 


Across the street of Ferguson Downtown, Publicus is another must visit cafe which stands as a testament to the farm-to-table movement, offering a culinary experience that emphasizes locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices. The menu features a delectable array of dishes that celebrate seasonal flavors and artisanal techniques. Indulge in freshly baked goods, flavorful brunches, and inspired meals, creating a memorable and satisfying culinary journey.

Arts District


(Photo: dtlvarts)

Downtown Las Vegas' Arts District is a haven for artists, galleries, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of self-expression.


First Fridays

On the first Friday of each month, the Arts District comes alive with an art walk that features galleries, food trucks, live music, and an incredible array of local art. It's a lively celebration of the arts that brings the community together.

Murals and Street Art

Take a stroll through the district's streets and alleys to discover a vibrant collection of murals and street art that reflect the diverse voices of the community.  These captivating artworks, skillfully painted on walls and buildings, tell stories, share messages, and showcase the talents of local and international artists. 

Beverly Theater

Beverly Theater hosts a diverse array of performances, from live music and theater to immersive cultural events. This iconic venue showcases films, literature, and concerts to life. Stepping into the Beverly Theater will bring you an exciting experience that you’ll never forget. 


The Layer Lounge

If you’re looking for a place to rejuvenate and relax the layer lounge will serve the best drink in town, for your skin. A place for skincare treatments that can be enjoyed by yourself or with friends in a social setting. 

The Beauty Shoppe

The Beauty Shoppe is a nail salon offering traditional manicures to nail extensions. The Beauty Shoppe will elevate your nail care experience, making your nails be a bold statement of self-expression and refinement.


For The Love

For The Love is a boutique near Las Vegas' vibrant Arts District, exudes a unique charm that resonates with locals and visitors alike. This boutique is a haven for those seeking curated fashion with a touch of individuality. With a carefully selected collection of clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products from locally sourced brands and unique finds. Visit For the Love for an exploration of distinctive fashion pieces that speak to a love for style, individuality, and the artistic spirit that defines Las Vegas.

Akin Cooperative

Akin Cooperative is a lifestyle boutique that features local artisans with a splash of beer and wine. What sets Akin Cooperative apart is its creativity and conviviality, as it invites you to explore its collection while enjoying a sip of beer or wine. If you’re looking for unique pieces for your wardrobe and style this shop is a must-visit. 

Antique Alley Mall

The Antique Alley Mall invites visitors to shop vintage pieces, from antique furniture to vintage collectibles. Each piece has a history, making Antique Alley Mall a haven for those who seek to infuse their surroundings with timeless allure.

Gaia Flowers

Gaia Flowers is a locally owned and operated flower shop that offers floral arrangements, wedding bouquets, custom arrangements, plants, centerpieces, and much more. They also carry a selection of gifts such as chocolates, bath and body care, ceramics etc. Whether you seek to express affection or share joy, Gaia Flowers is an embodiment of the art of gifting to loved ones.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a thrift store with a wide variety of clothing and diverse styles. Buffalo Exchange invites shoppers to curate their personal style from second-hand fashion to create fashion statements.



Vesta offers a culinary journey that melds tradition with innovation. With a focus on modern Mediterranean cuisine, Vesta flavors pay homage to the region's rich culinary heritage. The ambiance is both inviting and sophisticated, creating an exceptional dining experience. Whether savoring freshly prepared mezze platters or indulging in signature dishes like lamb chops with a modern twist, Vesta's culinary offerings delight the senses, making each visit a memorable exploration of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

Rachel’s Kitchen

At Rachel's Kitchen, dining becomes an experience that intertwines wholesome goodness with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This Las Vegas eatery elevates the concept of healthy eating without compromising on taste. Known for its fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors, Rachel's Kitchen crafts a menu that caters to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. From delectable salads brimming with color to hearty sandwiches that satisfy every craving, Rachel's Kitchen brings a sense of balance to each plate. 

Makers and Finders

Makers and Finders is more than just a café; it's a culinary haven that offers a fusion of Latin flavors and specialty coffee, creating an eclectic experience. Explore the menu's vibrant offerings, including Latin-inspired brunch options, tantalizing arepas, and innovative coffee concoctions. Makers and Finders marries a commitment to quality ingredients with a passion for crafting an inviting space where every meal becomes an opportunity to savor the essence of community and culture.

Esther’s Kitchen

Esther's Kitchen redefines dining with a touch of Italian flair. With an unwavering dedication to seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, this charming eatery captures the essence of rustic Italian cooking while infusing it with a contemporary twist. The menu is a culinary love letter to tradition, showcasing handmade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and carefully crafted cocktails. Esther's Kitchen will leave a lasting impression and experience of flavors. 

Adult Activities:

Crafthaus Brewery 

Crafthaus Brewery stands as a testament to Las Vegas' ever-evolving craft beer scene. This brewery goes beyond simply crafting beer; it's a haven for beer enthusiasts. Crafthaus Brewery produces a diverse range of handcrafted brews that cater to different palates, making it a true gem within Las Vegas' beverage landscape.

Millenium Fandom Bar

The Millennium Fandom Bar is a one-of-a-kind bar that transcends dynamic space where fandoms come to life. With walls adorned from beloved movies, TV shows, and video games, the bar offers a setting where everyone can connect over shared passions. From themed events and trivia nights to cosplay gatherings, Millennium Fandom Bar celebrates the art of belonging and bonding. 

Jammyland Cocktail Bar & Reggae Kitchen

Jammyland Cocktail Bar & Reggae Kitchen brings Caribbean flavors, reggae rhythms, and craft cocktails. This vibrant establishment captures the essence of island life while adding a modern twist. The menu offers a fusion of Caribbean-inspired cuisine and expertly crafted cocktails, each sip and bite invoking a sense of the tropics. Whether you're indulging in jerk chicken, sipping on a rum-based concoction, or simply immersing yourself in the reggae-infused ambiance, Jammyland creates an escape from the ordinary and invites you to experience the spirit of the islands.

Velveteen Rabbit

Velveteen Rabbit is a craft and beer bar with a whimsical atmosphere. Each cocktail will bring you a taste of creativity made from fresh produce and house-made ingredients. With its ever-evolving menu, live performances, and inviting setting, Velveteen Rabbit is a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and enchanting nightlife experience.

Servehzah Bottle Shop and Tap Room

Servehzah offers a carefully curated selection of craft beers that cater to a spectrum of palates. Their passion  for craft beer and deep-rooted cultural heritage foster a bond between the Latino and craft beer communities. SerVehZah radiates an inviting ambiance for both friends and strangers to convene, forging connections as they sip on shared passions.

Surrounding Notable Places

We can’t forget about the amazing places that surround the places we’ve mentioned above. Follow us as we discuss other notable places you must visit!

Neon Museum 

The Neon Museum is a unique museum of vintage neon signs. As you stroll through the outdoor gallery, you're transported back in time to the Las Vegas Strip, where neon lights light up the desert sky. The Neon Museum not only preserves these iconic signs but also tells the stories behind them, offering a glimpse into the evolution of Sin City's iconic landscape. 

Frankie’s Tiki Room

Frankie's Tiki Room is a journey to a realm of Polynesian-inspired escapism. This tiki haven is adorned with intricate carvings, bamboo fixtures, and an atmosphere that captures the South Pacific. With a menu of handcrafted, rum-infused cocktails that pay homage to the classic tiki tradition, Frankie's Tiki Room is a one of a kind experience. 


Downtown Las Vegas offers an authentic and diverse experience that encompasses history, art, entertainment, and community. Whether you visit Fremont Street, Fergusons Downtown, or Arts District, you're sure to create lasting memories. Let the city's vibrant energy guide you as you visit these destinations.