Business Highlight: Gypsy in my Pocket

1. When did you start your business?
I started the business in December 2021, I recently moved back to Las Vegas after 12 years of living and exploring Turkey! I fell in love more with the history and culture of textiles living abroad! 
2. What’s is your WHY?
My want is to bring and educate others about different cultures and history through textiles. My passion is knowledge, I love learning new things daily.
         3. Next place you want to travel?
In the US I can’t wait to travel back to New Orleans! Talk about history! Culture! And can’t forget about the cuisine! Outside of the US, my top city is Oaxaca, Mexico! I am longing to throw myself into all that amazing color, textile and history!
4. Why DTLV? 
My dad and brother were living here for 15 years, and our dad passed the summer of 2021 two months after we came to visit from Turkey. I decided to try and make my dreams come true here in DTLV! I have met many humans that have made this choice worth it! 
Find Gypsy in my Pocket ethically made Turkish towels and throws at For the love, LV in Las Vegas Arts District.