Artist David Petrides

David Petrides was born in the Deep South. He spent his childhood playing with Legos and roaming in the woods. He maintained that trajectory until leaving for engineering school in Atlanta, where he majored in Industrial Design. Quickly becoming disillusioned with the artistically stifling world of corporate design,

David threw himself into creative enterprise, training under master chairmaker Michael Gilmartin before starting a furniture design studio. After the 2008 Great Recession, he rebuilt an even better life by developing and polishing his sculpture, metalcraft, and woodworking talents.

David’s artwork is characterized by industrial materials and manufacturing processes, reimagined with splashes of tropical color and whimsical (or disturbing!) juxtapositions. His paintings and sculptures have been displayed in galleries and public spaces from Atlanta to Los Angeles. He currently lives in Las Vegas.

Exciting News: David's Artwork Takes Center Stage at For the Love Until July's End!

Mark your calendars for the First Friday of each month, because you won't want to miss this amazing opportunity to experience David's stunning artwork at For the Love. 🎨✨

From now until the end of July, David's captivating pieces will grace the walls of For the Love, captivating art enthusiasts and visitors alike. Immerse yourself in his creative vision as you explore his exquisite works.

But that's not all! On the First Friday of each month, join us at the store to celebrate David's talent and enjoy a refreshing cocktail while having the chance to meet the artist in person. It's an incredible opportunity to gain insights into his artistic process and get to know the mind behind the masterpieces.

Don't miss out on this unique collaboration between For the Love and David's exceptional artistry. See you at the store for a memorable evening of art, conversation, and delightful libations