Art, Music, & Retail

About Birdie

Birdie is a Local Las Vegas, self taught artist who has always had a flair for art and has been working on her craft full time for the last 4 years. She has instructed a variety of Paint ‘n Sip style parties and has a knack for inspiring people to unlock their creative potential. During the Pandemic shutdown, Birdie started an #Art4kids fundraiser to purchase art supplies for kids in the CCSD and volunteered teaching kids Art online! Her favorite subjects to paint are people and trees! Most of her work is done in Acrylics and mixed media. For Birdie, Music has always been connected to her Art and Creativity.

About Plum

DJ Plumcrazy is a music mixologist who concocts the soundtrack to heighten your art experience. He is a party dj who knows his way around every genre and will take you on a musical journey. He incorporated Silent Disco Headphones into his performance as a way to connect people even while social distancing.

Together Plum and Birdie will give you an experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Part of this Las Vegas boutique's mission is to partner with locals to create a fun and unique experience. Thanks Birdie & Plum for doing this so easily.