Angelite Co Candle Company Business Highlight

Feb 8, 2023
Meet Shellie who owns Angelite Co - candles meet self care / Black and women owned business in Vegas. For the love, LV is always trying to support POC brands and wanted to highlight this small business during Black History Month. 
1. When did Angelite Co start? 
I started Angelite Co in Las Vegas NV in December of 202.
2. What’s your favorite scent? 
My Favorite scent is Rose Honey Oatmeal because it’s a scent I crafted myself and it’s a prefect scent statement for self  care 
3. How do you pick the names of the candles?
I usually pick base off the concept of my business which is self care and creating a vibe for yourself, it’s so when people ask how am I feeling today, they can pick that type of candle to match who they are and how they’re feeling. 
4. What are you most looking forward to in 2023?
Taking everything that I learned about my business and business in general and putting it into action and getting myself out there more
5. How did you find DTLV?
I herd about DTLV from just living in Vegas but when I started to experience more was when I started doing First Friday's which is where For the love found Angelite Co.